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Historic low river levels-combined with record setting hot and dry weather that have significantly increased the demand for water-have led Everett, Seattle and Tacoma to implement the first stage of their water shortage response plans. (Highland Water District water is from the City of Everett supply)

The three cities are all activating their response plans as a precautionary measure and have joined together to ensure that the entire region is ready for a potential water shortage.

Everett's water outlook is fair. Calculations show that Everett has adequate water to supply Snohomish County through the summer and fall when the region typically gets rainfall that replenishes water supplies.

"The weather has not been normal this year," said Mayor Ray Stephanson. "We want to be cautious to ensure that we have adequate supply for all Everett's customers, which includes most of Snohomish County, and sufficient water to meet instream flow requirements for fish."

Everett is activating Stage 1 of its Drought Response Plan as a proactive measure.

The City of Everett's Drought Response Plan can be viewed at



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